Coworking is a new trend, it can work in most of the locations if we plan and have a large community built up. Initially starting with a small group of 10 to 15 people of the community who are ready to move.

We have to make a good marketing strategy for other people to join us on the basis of market research. The report says more than half of the people choose a working space keeping in mind the location.

Location plays a very key role, Picking the right location is really very important for the community to grow. We will be discussing some key factors that should be considered before you invest to build your coworking space.

Walking Distance
  1. The walkable score gives access to sidewalks, Public transportation, Medical stores, grocery shops, and many other factors should be placed in mind which make the place walkable.
  2. It would be an added advantage if a place is densely populated with all the basic amenities most professionals like to live by.
  3. Survey says most people prefer 20 min of travel time to a place of work whichever way their transit is. Targeting people within the 20-min radius can help you built your community faster.
Age Groups In The Area

  1. Most of the community members are in between the age group of 23 to 45. More and more people are adding up every year as coworking is increasing in numbers. Targeting the age group will surely play a major role in setting up the location.

Enough options for cafe’s and restaurant nearby

Having good quality restaurants and cafe’s at a walkable distance for lunch and dinner would highly be added as an advantage. Together Lunches and bring people together by building good connections which may result in future collaborations.

Host Events or large gathering
  1. Think about your community do they host events with large gathering if, yes. Look for space is it eligible for holding large gatherings. Large space might be an enhancing feature for your community because it’s important to their companies and a common way everyone connects but to many spaces it’s not as important they initially think.
Does it have a kitchen?
  1. These Spaces do not need a full Kitchen Just basics will work like fridge, microwave, kitchenette with a sink and if there is need to add few more things that will make your people more comfortable go ahead.


Safe for after hour access


  1. Coworking concept has come up with the flexible working hours and if you limit your cowork space timings to 9 to 5 hours it can be bad for business.


Other Basic things


  1. Most importantly can you hand sign outside for marketing purpose


  1. Considering Utilities, internet, and larger common amenities costs

Location is very important and there are many factors that go into place in finding the right spot for your future coworking spaces.


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