Startups and freelancers choose coworking space because they provide a working environment which adds value and help them grow further. Co-Working space with all amenities at affordable prices full of opportunity is what is making it popular among startups and freelancers.

No long term commitments, space can be used as and when required according to business needs. Some people value networking that coworking space provides. Other commercial spaces are costlier and don’t provide the chance to connect and collaborate as co-working spaces provide.

According to recent trends, In next 4 yrs demands of such spaces will increase rapidly. Going by the stats, coworking spaces will grow at a rate of approx 22% annually by 2022. Statistics says the number of coworking spaces today is 4,000 which will increase to 8,000 in the next 4 yrs.

Ways Coworking Will change

1. Small Enterprises

Fast growing Indian Economy in terms of startups and talent is one of the reasons India has emerged as the most preferred market for investors to invest. Coworking spaces will see a large number of startups with excellent ideas and good working model in the future.

The idea of Coworking space came to India because we are the youngest growing startup nation worldwide. We provide the solution to new challenges with upcoming technologies which benefits govt, society, and environment.

Small enterprises get support from govt. in terms of Resources, Manpower and Material for long term production.

2. Community

Fixed or single offices comes with long term lease and high setup cost which makes it a non-feasible option for many business owners. Today, offices are not just about chair or desk, workspaces have shifted their focus in providing collaborative, time and money saving workspace.

Coworking focus on building a community, to expand your network and culture of working better together. Coworking spaces in Noida, Hyderabad, Banglore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai etc had witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. As more and more Founders and business owners are realizing the potential of the budget-friendly workspace which provides you with a solution to every problem with a great space to collaborate and network.

And moreover, small workspaces and work from home provides the limited option and are boring. The shared office has people around you whom you can talk and cheer up whenever you feel so. For freelancers and startups, building connections are really important for expansion.

Why Choose Hackerspace?

With more than 4,000 spaces entrepreneurs and freelancers have enough options to choose the space. If you are looking for a strong community that will help your startup to grow, this is the right place for you.

At Hackerspace, we have startups and freelancers which will surely help you create great networking.

Flexible: Monday to Sunday 7 days open
Amenities: printer, coffee machine, Conference Room, High-Speed Internet
Seating Capacity: office space teams up to 100 people

The hackerspace is a flexible, cost-effective and well-organized workspace. It couldn’t be easier to get set up and grow. And it is located in such a well-connected area, just 50 mts. away from the metro station.

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